We are NORDIC Shampoo

Innovation for your Hair Care. Solutions for the environment.

Be part of the solution.

NORDIC Shampoo is about keeping it simple. We’ve been in the business of creating extraordinary haircare products for decades. One thing we’ve learned: less is not only more, but better. It is better for your hair and scalp, and definitely better for our Planet.

We strive to formulate simple yet powerful formulas with high concentration of active natural ingredients, and without anything else that does not sum up to effectiveness and your joy and confort while using our products. We focus on results on your health and the environment, and that does not include aiming for specific product colors, artificially uniform textures or fancy packaging.

We take climate change and pollution very seriously. This is the reason why, if we can produce extraordinary shampoos that don’t need the use of plastic bottles, why should we choose any other path?

We are glad to help every one of our customers to make a small step towards the path of change. Less is more. Be part of the solution.


Less is More

Simple formulas for your daily routine that don’t hurt the environment.


Extraordinary Hair Care

We design all our products for extraordinary result from bath time to bath time.


No more single-use plastic bottles

If a great alternative exists, why go back to plastic pollution?


Be Part of the Solution

Keeping an environmentally friendly daily routine is priceless.

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